Peter Cronin is the Director of ViAGO International Australia

…and your presenter and facilitator for Pace workshop.

Fosters fast-growth companies

Peter Cronin specialises in working with fast-growing tech companies (and others) to scale performance faster than costs.

Peter loves working with software companies because they’re made up of the most interesting and innovative people on the planet. Everyone from the founder, with a vision to change the world, to the technical and creative minds who come together to make that vision a reality.

As the team scales to deliver the vision the focus shifts to costs, admin, and structure. Communication, creativity, and collaboration towards the vision become a distant afterthought. This is where Peter comes in!

His passion is helping software companies scale without losing the magic.

The mind behind
Black Belt in Thinking

His Black Belt in Thinking course teaches how to build problem solving muscle memory for systematically identifying and solving core business problems rather than relying on fast brain firefighting.

He also teaches how to use simple workflow visibility techniques to smooth and accelerate the flow of work.

Quotes from his Black Belt in Thinking participants:

  • These thinking processes helped me cut out the ‘white noise’ that would otherwise have distracted me from investing my time wisely and hitting the most important challenges at work and delivering the highest impact. – BBIT delegate
  • About three-quarters of the way through the course I suddenly had a “The Matrix” moment where everything clicked into place and all of a sudden, I felt I had the ability to filter incoming information 10 times quicker than I could do beforehand. At the end of the week, adding this to the other tools, methods of thinking and problem solving I felt like a new person. – BBIT delegate
  • To summarise the “no nonsense” BBIT has been the most challenging, enjoyable and useful short course I have attended, sure it required me to put in a lot, but the more you put in the more you get back out. – BBIT delegate

Enthusiastic, knowledgable presenter and facilitator

"Businesses, my team and I work with scale the start-up culture without the corporate burden that comes with growth. Their performance increases ahead of costs, founders work on the business rather than in the business, and the company, as a whole, drives toward the vision.

We work with teams to reengineer operations in order to deliver higher quality code faster. We teach people techniques to make considered decisions instead of applying band aid solutions, and we align individual efforts with the global strategy of the organisation."